Home Water Remediation

Water Remediation & Restoration in Houston, TX

After a water emergency, it can be discouraging to look around at your damaged property. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to all your problems. The team at CRR has the skills, knowledge, equipment, and connections to completely restore the appearance and functionality of any residential or commercial space. Call now to learn more about water restoration and water remediation in Houston, TX.

Working with the Insurance Company

In collaboration with your insurance company, our professionals get to work restoring your property. The first step is water extraction, which we offer 24/7. However, the job isn’t complete simply when the water is gone. Next, we remove furniture, items, wet debris, carpeting, and anything else that needs to be dried, restored, or disposed. Throughout the process, we also take regular moisture readings and monitor air quality and relative humidity. When everything is finally out of the room, it’s time to start the remodeling process.